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Sunday nights just got messy again! In the season 3 premiere, we see our favs trekking on the journey to their glow-up. Career, love, they’re tackling it it all! Sorry, #LawrenceHive, we won’t get a chance to see Lawrences’ trajectory this season (p.s. Jay Ellis, I still love you, boo), but as the sayings go, all good things must come to an end and the show must go on.

Issa: We last saw Issa on Daniel’s doorstep asking for a place to stay and as fine as Daniel is, there is no way I would end up on my sex buddy’s porch looking for shelter, but that’s just me. In episode 1, we see Issa attempting to clean up all of the many messes she made over the last year. We find her on Daniel’s couch as expected, but what we didn’t expect to see was Daniel throwing that ass in a circle with a mystery lady friend while Issa is in the same house! I understand, “my house, my rules” but damn. She tries to act unbothered about Daniel sleeping with other women, but if you’re familiar with this show, you know “unbothered’ really isn’t one of Issa’s strengths. She and Daniel have this passive aggressive talk that leaves them both upset with no real resolution to their issues. Issa wants her own place, but the way her bank account and gentrification are setup, it’s turning out to be a much harder task than she anticipated. It’s also hard to save up for your own place when you hate your current job. After her mistakes last season, Issa is no longer in the field for “We Got Ya’ll” and has been demoted to making cold calls. She runs into further conflict with her director Joanne after she discovers many schools no longer want to partner with them because there aren’t anymore people of color in the field, in a program that’s dedicated to help children of color (sound familiar?). When Issa brings this to the attention of Joanne, she immediately tells her to sit there and eat her food and continues to blame Issa for the organization's recent problems. To speed up operation “get off my fuck buddy’s couch”, Issa is also a Lyft driver on the side. After a drunken man pukes in her car and a hilarious brawl breaks out in the backseat (hey Nathan), it’s clear that Issa can’t get a win to save her life right now.

Molly: Before you even ask, yes, Dro is still in the picture and yes he still has a whole ass wife. I still want to throw something every time I watch the end scene from Season 2, where she greets his married ass at the door in her lingerie. Anywho, I had high hopes briefly when Molly appeared to be living her best life on vacation with a mystery gentlemen who wants to spoil her. My hopes were quickly diminished as Molly was greeted with “welcome home” cunnilingus from Dro. As they were cuddled up, Dro’s wife Candice (the person we keep forgetting about here), calls him up and in that moment Molly has an epiphany that they should either be friends without sex or have sex, but end the friendship. Dro agrees that they should keep having sex, because that’s what men who cheat on their wives do, amirite? Dro continues to break the boundaries of their agreement as he still offers to take Molly out to dinner and shows up unannounced to her home when he doesn’t hear from her. When Molly asks Dro to return the key to her place and makes it clear she doesn’t want to continue their messy relationship, in true fuck boy fashion, Dro gets upset and decides to leave. Go home, Roger! To your wife!! Unfortunately, I know that won’t be the last of hoe, I mean Dro this season.

Daniel: Damn, Daniel. Back again with the bullshit. After just one episode, I’m excited to see more of Daniel’s story. So far, we’ve seen him as Issa’s “what if” guy, the guy who home wrecked her five-year relationship with Lawrence and as someone who always has Issa’s back. However, in episode one we see a different Daniel. This Daniel is selfish, as he wants to sling it to whatever woman looks his way but gets upset when Issa doesn’t want the relationship to be sexual. He’s passive aggressive and doesn’t take any accountability in his role in he and Issa’s relationship. When Issa finally stands up for herself and calls him out about it? He just says okay like nothing happened. His own sister and adorable niece Jade even calls him out on his behavior. Right now, it's hard to tell if Daniel really wants more with Issa and if he's still bitter because she turned him down before or if it's really another fuck boy under those muscles. I think this season we’ll really get to see who Daniel is and if he and Issa’s friendship has reached its expiration date.

Other things to mention: One of my favorite things about Insecure is the show within the show. Season 1, we had Conjugal Visits and Season 2 we had Due North. This time around we have a dream come true for 90’s babies in a sitcom featuring Bill Bellamy, Erica Alexander and Darryl Bell. Already hilarious!

Also, there's a cameo from Dawn Richard (formerly of Danity Kane), who plays a singer who's working with Daniel, but the thing is she can't sing worth a lick. And those leather pants, my God, those pants.

We also love Insecure for the music! Just in episode one, we hear Cardi B, Miguel, Valee, Ravyn Lenae, City Girls (#FreeJT) and more. I can't wait for this season's soundtrack to drop.

What I hope to see this season is Issa and Molly finding their voice and standing up for themselves, especially when it comes to the men in their lives. I also want to see the men hold themselves accountable for their mistakes as well. I feel this season, we will get to see all of the characters taking a hard look at themselves and realizing it’s time to either step up or step out the way.

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