The Creative Girl’s Gift Guide to Valentine’s Day

Expensive dinners, over-sized teddy bears and boxes of chocolate that contain only three flavors that actually taste good. Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, Valentine’s Day! If you’re dating a creative, flowers and candy might not be your best bet. Instead, here are some fun ideas that will win her over. All of these ideas are simple and require little planning. Don’t be lazy this year. Us creatives hate tradition.

Journals/Stationery- If you’re dating a cool, beautiful woman who’s a writer, journals and stationery products are a sure way to my, I mean, her heart. Your writer bae probably has tons of journals, pens, notepads, markers, etc. floating around her space, but it won’t hurt to receive one more from someone she cares about.

Museum- Creatives are always eager to learn new things. A trip to the museum is the perfect way for both of you to spend quality time together while exploring. It’s Black History Month, so make it extra special by visiting a museum highlighting African American culture.

Book By Her Favorite Author- If you know my favorite book, you might just be my husband. Do some digging and find out what her favorite book is and get her a copy of another book by the same author or gift her an Audible account if she’s into audio books.

Theater- Can you finish these lyrics: “Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes. How do you measure, measure a year?” If you can, you’re awesome and you should definitely grab tickets to the nearest theater for you and your significant other. Musicals are always my favorite, but there’s a large range of shows that you can enjoy, depending on your interest.

Live Music/Impromptu Home Concert- Who doesn’t enjoy live music? (If you don’t, seek help). An intimate concert is always a great go to for you and your special someone. Especially if she’s a music lover like myself. If money is tight, make it a special night in and make a playlist including her favorite songs and artists and have a jam session right in your living room. Food and tequila required.

Create Vision Boards- I’m a firm believer in the power couple and I feel that couples that plan for success together, stay together. What are your goals for 2019? Grab some art supplies and map out things that you want to accomplish for the year. Seeing you partner talk about their dreams and aspirations is extremely attractive and is a great way to bond.

So now that I've helped, what are your plans for Valentine's Day 2019?

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