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Another week, another episode of the messy madness we all know and love as Insecure.

In episode 3, we find everyone on the path to new beginnings. Issa is offered a property manager position and while plumbing toilets isn’t her ideal situation, this job will allow her to finally move out of Daniel’s place.

Molly has moved on up to the black side and has started a new job at the black law firm from last season. Everyone is nice and supportive and Molly fits right in. Total opposite of her former firm that refused to pay our good sis what she was worth. #PutSomeRespectOnMyCheck

Producer bae aka Daniel is finally getting a chance to take his music career to the next level and is working with Khalil. They’re working on a track together for Spider and Daniel landing a song with Khalil can be a really huge look for him.

Yes, so everyone’s lives are going just fine and we have nothing left to discuss here.

Yea right. In the words of Ms. Frizzle, it’s time to make mistakes and get messy.

Before Issa accepts the property manager job, she contemplates staying with Daniel a little longer because she wants to explore their relationship. They’re both available now and Issa feels it’s a prime time to see if they should make another attempt at a relationship. I mean she’s already platonically sleeping in his bed, so exploring something more shouldn’t hurt right?

When Issa reveals this information to her friends they quickly shut her down. Not that Molly has room to judge (throws darts at Dro’s picture on the wall), but Molly reminds Issa she’s being naive and that she should still move out.

Speaking of Molly and being naive, she starts this new amazing job at this law firm, but in true Molly fashion she finds something to complain about. Her biggest issue so far is that the office doesn’t use DocUSign. Now as a professional, I do understand giving a side eye to companies that don’t do things electronically in 2018, but it’s not the end of the world. This sends Molly into a long rant about how black businesses always fall short. What I got from this scene is that Molly may be having a minor identity crisis and might have some issues about her blackness. Working in corporate spaces while black it can be easy to fall into the trap of respectability politics that we're conditioned to learn. I want Molly to just relax and enjoy her new position. I'm getting "Self Sabotage Sally" vibes from Molly and I'm not here for it.

Last but not least, the “You Trippin Trippin” Award of this episode goes to Daniel. First we see Daniel have a small debacle with Khalil as he presents him with a new beat. Daniel is going for one sound and Khalil is going for another. When they meet with Spider, Daniel plays his version of the track which obviously pisses Khalil off and he ask Daniel to play his version as well. Spider likes both but it upsets Daniel that Khalil doesn’t respect him enough as a producer to let him use his own track. After the studio session, Issa takes Daniel out to dinner to thank him for helping her out. Daniel is cold and distant and he starts to tell Issa about the studio session. In the midst of Issa being caring and supportive (as usual), Daniel snaps on her and says Issa can’t relate to having a real career (because being a Soundcloud rapper is so lucrative) and he throws the fact that she’s been living with him in her face. To make matters worst, instead of keying his car like she should’ve (well that’s what I wanted her to do), Issa is back in Daniel’s bed and instead of offering a real apology to Issa, he offers head. She quickly realizes this is not the wave and stops him. You can see Issa is extremely hurt by Daniel's actions. I wanted them to at least still have a friendship but with this attitude, I think Issa should move out and never look back. I have a positive feeling that Issa will ultimately win by the end of this season. I'm not sure how she's going to perform as a property manager, we have to wait until next week to find out. I also feel Daniel should may be apply for Issa's old job at "We Got Ya'll, because I don't see the music thing working out. *shrugs*

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