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*Grabs a celebratory glass of D’usse*. Things are finally looking up for our girl Issa!

We are officially out with the old and in with the new. Issa has finally left the Den of Daniel and has an amazing new place of her own. She’s also balancing her new found duties as a property manager which I’m sure will bring us some interesting characters this season.

In the opening scene, Daniel drops off the last box from his place and after an awkward goodbye exchange, it feels like this could be the official end of Issa and Daniel. Only time will tell. Alexa, play Is This The End by New Edition.

Molly comes through in true best friend fashion and talks Issa into getting rid of all of the things from her past she’s been secretly holding on to. Some of these mementos include a copy of Zane’s Sex Chronicles novel (don’t act like you didn’t sneak and read this in high school), a mixed CD from Lawrence featuring Adele and last but not least, Issa’s rap journal. Rapping Issa is my favorite Issa.

Molly is a great best friend, but she is not having the same luck in the workplace. It’s evident Molly believed that accepting a position at the black law firm would solve would all of her career problems, we quickly see that is not the case. It initially seems she’s slowly forming an alliance with two women colleagues after they bond over a common disliking of an overconfident male colleague. Her colleague Torion is arrogant and doesn’t let her get a word in during a meeting. Basically he’s 95% of the men we encounter in the corporate world. Molly is having a hard time accepting the fact that she’s not the smartest black person in the room. A lot of Molly’s identity seems to be wrapped up in her career success. Who is Molly outside of the kick-ass lawyer?

Molly’s therapist suggest that she should focus more on how she can be helpful instead of being the rockstar. Many times, we get caught up in performing for recognition that we miss what's happening in the present. Molly’s therapist session ends with her mentioning Dro, and to her surprise, she ask “Who’s Dro?”. Molly hasn’t been doing the real work and being 100 percent transparent in therapy. I felt personally attacked during this scene because I know I tend to leave out bits of information to my therapist. Molly girl, we just want you to be great.

My favorite story from this episode is Issa’s new love interest (I’m a hopeless romantic, sorry).I know you all remember Lyft bae Nathan from episode 1, well he’s back and finer, if that’s possible. Issa is in the middle of picking up lunch when she runs into Nathan and they decide to have an impromptu “LA Day”. Nathan is a barber from Houston who relocated to L.A. after the hurricane and is trying to find his way so Issa decides to ditch the rest of her work day to show him around the city. I totally don’t blame her. During their random expedition, they visit Issa’s childhood home where they end up skinny dipping and not only baring their backsides, but they both reveal important truths about their lives and where they hope to go. As beautiful as he is, I still feel Nathan may be keeping a few secrets. I’m curious to see if we’ll get Nathan’s full backstory by the end of the season. It’s too early to tell if Nathan aka Nanceford is Issa’s Prince Charming, but it’s clear he was meant to be in her life for this moment in time.

Last, Issa has finally reached her breaking point at “We Got Ya’ll” and officially quits. After spending the day with Nathan, Issa realizes that she wants more out of life and that her job had been holding her hostage. Issa’s first love is music so maybe we’ll see Issa start her own youth music program in the future. Either way I am so excited to see things finally turn around for her. She gets a lot of slack for being irresponsible and for causing a lot of the problems she's faced over the past year, but I feel she's human. If you're not making mistakes and growing and learning from them, then what are you really doing? I'm still #TeamIssa.

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