Favorite Fridays: Best Apps To Help Conquer 2019

2019 is officially here and this is the perfect time to tackle those goals you set for the year. Here are a few apps that I use to keep me on track in all areas of my crazy life.

Wrike- If you’re like me and managing multiple projects, Wrike might be right for you. If you’re familiar with project management software, Wrike is like if Asana and Trello had a baby. I became familiar with Wrike at my 9-5 and it’s helped my usually unorganized self become a project management queen(ok maybe not a queen, but I’m somewhere in the castle). You can create projects and folders for yourself, add and assign collaborators and include deadlines. I use it independently as well and if you have a business with numerous employees, Wrike will definitely make your life easier.

Canva- I live and die by Canva. If you have to create any graphics whether it be for social media or for print, Canva is the way to go. For the design novice, Canva has templates for just about anything you can think of. You need a flyer to promote your mixtape? Book cover? Business card design? Canva has it all. If you have an advance design project, Canva doesn’t have the same editing capabilities as Photoshop, but it is perfect for simple design work.

Digit- Alexa, play Money by Cardi B. Digit is a great tool to keep track of your finances. Digit will automatically save money from your bank account to a ‘Rainy Day Fund” that you can withdrawal from at anytime. Saving up for a vacation? New car? Home? Digit allows you to create savings goals and you can control how much money Digit withdrawals towards your goals. This is the perfect time to save up for that trip to Greece you’ve been postponing for the last three years.

Nike Training Club- So we’re all getting Teyana Taylor abs this year right? The Nike Training Club app is your mobile personal trainer with over 185 workouts and training plans that you can tailor to your fitness needs. I get bored really quick with workouts so I enjoy the fact that I can switch it up and also I can go to the gym or workout from the comfort of my own home. No matter your fitness level, there’s a workout for you. We're wearing Fashion Nova dresses all 2019 ladies, so it's time to get serious!

Google Drive- You get a Google Doc! You get a Google Doc! You get a Google Doc! Google Drive is where I create everything. It’s still my go to for creating documents and collaborating with my team members. Not having to worry about where and or how my documents are saved has been a Godsend. I know some people have moved on to fancier apps but I’m loyal to good ol’ Google.

What are some apps that you use to stay productive?

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