Eight years ago, the queen of everything, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, released her fourth studio album ‘4’. After a three year hiatus, Queen Bey blessed us with what is regularly argued by Beyhive and non Beyhive members alike as her best album. To celebrate, I attempted to rank the tracks on 4. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but let’s get into it.

14. Schoolin’ Life- A timeless coming of age bop. When she says "time really moves fast you were just 16". I felt that in my spirit.

13. I Was Here- A song! A statement! This song actually makes me sad because Beyoncé is going to eventually retire and life as we know it will be over.

12. Run the World (Girls)- An anthem that will forever ring true. We run and have always ran this shit.

11. Best Thing I Never Had - Some songs hit different when you're grown grown. Also, recently discovering that Babyface wrote this song makes it that much sweeter.

10. Rather Die Young - We love a good Bey ballad and this song serves us all of the essentials for a fire Bey ballad: vocals, passion, range. But what else do you expect from the queen?

9. Start Over - I'll save my sob story about how this song helped me through a breakup that summer. Nonetheless, a relatable bop.

8. I Miss You - Frank Ocean did an amazing job writing this song and letting Beyoncé sing it. Do with that what you will.

7. Dance For You - Take a shot if you’ve attempted to do a sexy dance for your man to this song.

6. Party - "I told my girls you can get it” has been a common part of my every day life since this song dropped. Hot take: I like the version with J. Cole better.

5. End of Time - My high energy fave! End of Time is a classic example of how great Bey is as a performer. I still wish we could've got an official music video for this one.

4. Love on Top- The song that has ruined vocal chords all over the world. This was also our introduction to the legend that is Blue Ivy when Bey announced her pregnancy at the VMA’s. I still cry when I watch it.

3. 1 +1- If your significant other doesn’t make you want to play this song, leave them. One of my favorite love songs. I don’t know much about algebra but I know this one of Bey’s best vocal performances.

2. Countdown - When I pop up with a husband and a child on social media, this will be the song I use to make the announcement. The runs, the energy, the love. 10’s across the board.

1. I Care - This vocal assassination has no other place than number 1. I’m sure Bey agrees as well. If nobody else cares Bey, I care.

What are your favorite tracks? What's your ranking? There's no wrong answers here because at the end of the day, it's Beyoncé.

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