I can’t believe that Season 3 has come to an end already. This season has been a wild ride of ups and downs as we watched our crew continue to battle all of their demons.

It’s Issa’s 30 birthday and she’s all about bringing in a new year on a positive and drama free note. I think we can all agree that the conclusion of Issa’s 20’s were trash (getting dumped by your boyfriend after cheating on him, sleeping on the guy you cheated with couch, finding the person who just might be the love of your life, only to get ghosted by him, quitting your job). All season, I’ve been rooting for my girl to turn her life around and I’m proud to see her making strides.

In honor of Issa’s birthday, Molly surprises Issa with a best friend date and before Molly can walk to Issa’s door, our good friend Nathan returns. Yep, Lyft bae is back. We all know Molly is a ride or die for Issa so she naturally tells Nathan where to go and how to get there. She doesn’t want him ruining Issa’s birthday by any means. While I would've done the same for my friends, I would've at least told them that Nathan showed up. That’s just me.

We then find the girls at a graveyard for a special showing of “The Last Dragon” and I guess the graveyard attracted ghosts of boyfriends past because we find Lawrence in line ready to catch the movie as well. Can I take a moment to discuss how Jay Ellis gets finer each episode? My God. Anywho, Lawrence and Issa seem to be on really good terms as friends, although I do feel a little chemistry brewing between them. Would you all be here for an Issa and Lawrence reunion?

Speaking of ghosts of boyfriends past, Molly runs into Jared in the concessions line. Yes, Jared, the man Molly should’ve been with in the first place. Jared is still fine and seems to be living his best life. Molly is taken aback when she sees him with a male counterpart and Ms. Foot in Mouth, runs and tells the group that her earlier suspicions of Jared being gay were correct. She cracked the code! Well that’s what she thought until she realized the mystery man was Jared’s brother and they were actually on a double date with their beautiful girlfriends. Molly. Girl. Why are you the way you are?

On the bright side, she has been appointed lead on a new project at work. After stepping up during that presentation, the partners see that Molly is a true asset to the firm. Many believe that Molly was in the wrong for doing the presentation without Taurean, I personally don’t blame her. I’m sure he wouldn’t have waited for her if the tables were turned. Molly’s bubble is quickly burst when she reveals to Issa that she told Nathan to scram when she saw him outside of her place. Issa isn’t only mad that Molly didn’t tell about Nathan, but she gives Molly a cute drag and tells her that her negativity is unbearable and that she needs to check herself. If your best friends can’t check you, then they aren’t really your best friend.

Issa finally decides to meet with Nathan and it’s a lot. This is not the same smooth, laid back Nathan we’ve seen. He looks disheveled, he’s stuttering, he’s nervous and my heart is breaking. We still don’t know exactly why Nathan disappeared but it’s obvious that there’s something deeper going on than just “ghosting.” He mentioned he had to go back to Houston and my initial thought was that he has family down there that he’s taking care of. I no longer think he’s a felon or has a wife. This scene was really tough to watch because I felt for both Issa and Nathan. Nathan seems to be dealing with a lot and as someone who battles with mental health issues, I know how it feels to be overwhelmed and feeling that the only solution is to drop everything and run. On the flip side, I’ve been in Issa’s shoes and it hurts when someone you’ve let in your space shows you this random toxic behavior when you thought everything was on track. Issa’s hurt, but she’s not letting the Nathan situation keep her down. The episode ends with Issa remodeling her apartment and enjoying a nice glass of “I’m not about to let these niggas stress me out” wine. In seasons 1 & 2 we left seeing Issa dumped and asking to sleep on her ex’s couch so I was extremely happy to see her come to some kind of peace in her life. She has her own place, new job and is still working toward her block party event. I’m proud to be #TeamIssa.

A few burning questions I still have though:

  • Is Baby Dubois here? Tiffany didn’t make an appearance for Issa’s birthday which I found odd. Kelli is the baby's god mom, so I'm happy to see they're back in a good space. Still wondering if Derek is the baby daddy, though.

  • Is Molly done with Dro for good? I still feel this situation is going to bite Molly in the butt with Dro and Candice expecting a child.

  • What is Lawrence really looking for? It seems Lawrence has been having trouble dating post Issa because he has unrealistic expectations of relationships. We’ll see what happens next season since he’s dating the woman who’s helping Issa throw the block party. I’m sure that will be a hot mess.

  • Where’s Daniel? Or do we care?

Season 3 gave me everything I needed. Shoutout to Issa Rae and her team for continuing to give us hilarious and honest stories. See ya’ll next season!

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