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Whew! Ok, I was too shook to do a recap on last week’s episode, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that LAWRENCE HAS RETURNED! That’s right #LawrenceHive, you can all rejoice because Bae Ellis, I mean Jay Ellis has returned for Season 3. I want to commend the entire Insecure team for pulling this off. I literally shed a tear when Lawrence came around that corner in episode 5. Well done guys, well done.

Now, let’s get to the mess. Episode 6 starts where we left off with Issa and Lawrence at the 7-Eleven. I assume Lawrence and Aparna never reconciled because Lawrence has been living his best life and sleeping with every woman with a pulse. Everything was fine and dandy until he was hit with the big C. No not cancer, chlamydia. So much for those concerns about condoms huh? Lawrence’s diagnosis opened his eyes to the fact that there’s more to life than “going to work and fucking”. He’s 32 and ready for something real. Understandable. I adore Lawrence and I feel he’s just going through that weird phase after a breakup when you’re trying to just figure it all out. After getting out of a 5 year relationship, you’re struggling to find out who you really are outside of that relationship. Overall, dating is crappy and you’re adjusting to spending time with all these new people. That can take a weird toll on anyone. I think Lawrence should give his penis and his heart a break for now.

In happier news, Issa and Nathan are still going strong. He’s helping her plan a block party for the city that will highlight black musicians and creatives. Their relationship takes a turn for the better when Nathan reveals he’s starting to have real feelings for Issa *swoons*. She shares the same sentiment. He’s fine, supportive and not afraid to express his feelings. Has to be too good to be true right?

Remember Nathan’s friend Andrew from Coachella ? Well he wants to take Molly out on a date, but of course Molly uses her busy work schedule as an excuse to turn him down. Molly is me. Who really has time to date? In this economy? Issa and Kelli try to convince her to give him a chance, but she objects since she ultimately wants to be with a black man and Andrew is Asian. Oh Molly, why don’t you just want to be happy? Andrew seems to be a nice guy and he even brought you back your jacket that you lost while being high on Molly during Coachella. You can at least have coffee with the man.

We find the gang all back together for Tiffany’s baby shower. Baby DuBois is on the way and in true Tiffany fashion, things get extra real quick. We’re introduced to her “Crazy Crew” who did all the planning for the shower and they are just as extra as she is. Issa and Molly are quickly distracted as Lawrence and Dro appear. Issa takes the mature route and goes over to talk to Lawrence while Molly avoids Dro, as she should. My favorite part of the baby shower scene is a more serious moment between the ladies. Issa, Molly and Kelli are upset that Tiffany didn’t ask them to help plan the shower and Tiffany is upset that they didn’t ask. Kelli makes it clear that she’s afraid that she will lose Tiffany’s friendship once the baby arrives. This is something that is totally relatable. When you see the dynamic of your friendships change as everyone begins to start families and careers, it can be a scary thing. I’m the only one out of my group of friends that’s not married, engaged or a mother and I’ve watched our friendship change over the last decade, and I wouldn’t change any of it. The evolution of friendship is one part of adulthood that they don’t tell you about.

Also, during the baby shower, Issa reveals that she hadn’t talked to Nathan in days. She received a call from Lyft about the brawl Nathan was in the day they met and when she tries to warn him about it, to Issa’s surprise, he’s nowhere to be found. Things seemed to be going well and Nathan went ghost. It’s clear that Nathan is hiding something, here are a few of my theories:

  • He’s a felon: I think Nathan’s character can possibly be a tribute to Jeremy Meeks aka Prison Bae. All we know about Nathan so far is that he’s a barber from Houston. Now we haven’t seen him cut any hair, but he had money for Coachella tickets. Make it make sense.

  • He’s running from something or someone from his past: Remember the scar on his shoulder he never explained? And we obviously know he can fight. Maybe he’s on the run from some kind of gang back home.

  • He has a family: I’m not sure if the family is with him in LA or in Houston, but there’s a possibility that he could be giving Issa the cold shoulder because he’s dealing with his family back home.

Either way, I’m disappointed because I was rooting for Nathan. We were all rooting for you!

Now, speaking of secret families, we find out that my arch nemesis and Dro and his wife Candice are expecting a baby! So not only does Dro look like a Family Dollar version of Drake, he’s hiding a child like him as well. Someone get Pusha T on the phone! Along with Dro not being honest about his “open” marriage, now he’s lying about his future child. After receiving the news, Molly is obviously shook, but instead of reacting, she reaches out to Andrew and accepts his date offer. I pray that Molly is officially over Dro and his shenanigans. It’s tired. I am tired.

We only have two episodes left (booo), and I can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds. I hope Issa and Molly stick to their guns and don’t let these men continue to ruin their lives. They deserve better.

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