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The word of the day.. Rejection. In episode 2, we follow Issa and Daniel as they continue to horribly tackle this thing called life.

Issa finds herself battling the daily microaggressions that most of us have probably faced at one time or another while working in predominantly white spaces. The team at “We Got Ya’ll” are brainstorming about how they can re brand themselves to attract schools to utilize their program. They discuss their racist logo, but they leave out one tiny idea: actually putting people of color in the schools! Whew chile the white gaze. Any who, Issa’s colleagues deem her the go to on “all things black”, while simultaneously ignoring her suggestions.

In the midst of her work troubles, Issa is still searching for her own place, but she's receiving rejection letter after rejection letter. Our favorite friend Kelly makes her Season 3 debut as she meets with Issa to discuss her financial situation and she makes it clear that Issa and her 425 credit score are not equipped to move into anyone’s apartment anytime soon. Issa is discouraged but we see that she’s actually has been applying for a new job and that it might end up working out for her after all.

Our bae Daniel is having career woes of his own. He’s preparing to meet with a superstar rapper “Spider” who he wants to produce music for. Daniel has always come off as extremely confident and sure of himself when it comes to his music, but in this situation we get to see a less confident and even awkward Daniel. After Issa gives Daniel a pep talk to go to the club and meet Spider, Daniel’s confidence is shook once again after him and Issa are denied entry to the club until they run into who seems to be a childhood friend, Khalil. Khalil is a hot producer and is exactly where Daniel wants to be career wise. To make a bad situation worse, when Daniel finally gets a chance to chop it up with Spider (thanks to Issa’s quick on-the- spot interference), he totally bombs. This is not the same Daniel that Issa was cheating on Lawrence with in the studio.

Post club shootout, (yes there was a shootout), Daniel confides in Issa about his career trajectory or lack thereof. Daniel’s frustrations with his career is something we all can relate to. At one point, he tells Issa “I ain’t tryna hate or nothing, but it’s like I got good and Khalil got famous.” Working as a creative and seeing your peers soar and becoming more popular, as you’re continuing to work on your craft can be frustrating and discouraging. It’s always important to remember why you started and that sometimes there’s strength in actually learning from those we find ourselves jealous of.

I’m really enjoying how the Insecure writers are peeling back all of these beautiful layers of Daniel. It’s amazing to watch.

Issa and Daniel are still dancing around their homie-lover-friendship after he offers her his bed instead of the couch. Now, if Daniel offered me his bed I would be there before he completed the question, yet this isn’t about me, it’s about Issa. I feel they’re really trying to figure out if it’s love, lust or if they should just stay friends. While I want Issa to make the decision that will make her happy, a little platonic peen from Daniel while she’s figuring it out, won't hurt right?

Episode 2 was beautifully shot and written and I laughed out loud at various moments. Another week, another great job for Issa and the Insecure team.

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