3 Reasons Why Introverts Make Better PR Pros

This month, the final season of Scandal premiered and we watched Olivia Pope and all of her bad assness continue to rock the White House. When we think about women or people in general who work in PR, most think of these Type A, over bearing, no-nonsense individuals who are ready to handle anything at a drop of a dime. The truth is, many PR gurus do not have the typical Type-A personality and introverted personalities bring a well rounded approach to PR. Here’s why more introverted PR pros get the job done better.

We’re Great Listeners

Unlike our Type A counterparts, we listen and analyze a project before we dive in head first.

Many PR related tasks such as writing, preparing speeches, consulting with clients. etc. all require great listening skills. We tend to assess a situation thoroughly before we speak and jump into action.

We Enjoy Collaboration

Some consider those with more introverted personalities to be quiet and shy, when actually we enjoy collaborating with others. We understand that collaborative efforts are beneficial not only for our personal but for the clients we serve.

We Don’t Mind Staying in the Background

In today’s era of the of social media publicist, many have put their own brands before doing the best work for their clients. While there is no wrong in being recognized for your work and talent, one has to remember that we are not the star here, our clients are. Introverts are satisfied with be recognized for our hard work and honored by our peers without . We know our work will speak for itself.

Introverts may not be the loudest people in the room but we definitely stand out and shouldn’t be counted out.

We’re keen observers who like to understand all sides of a project first. In the end, the perfect PR team consist of a blend of both extroverted and introverted people to create the best experience for the client.

To my fellow introverted PR pros, how do you navigate at your organizations? Share in the comments!

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